Aliki Cooper Web Design
VizSAFE - Javascript, jQuery, CSS, responsive, PHP, MongoDB   Swirl Networks, Inc. - Boston, MA
Swirl is a marketing technology company that is pushing mobile advertising using the power of Bluetooth beacons. I worked closely with the marketing team and graphic designer to transform their Photoshop files into a Wordpress website which includes parallax and animation features. Creation of Wordpress site included complete customization of PHP templates and CSS. Website is fully responsive and works across all browsers.
VizSAFE - Javascript, jQuery, CSS, responsive, PHP, MongoDB   VizSAFE, Inc. - Middletown, RI
VizSAFE is a social media safety app that needed a web application to complement the iOS and Android apps. I developed a web application using client side javascript, jQuery, javascript, CSS, Bootstrap and AJAX to create a responsive web interface frontend for reporting safety incidents that are geolocated on a map and presented in a feed page. The job required integrating various 3rd party APIs including Amazon Web Services S3 for data storage and Elastic Transcoder to transcode video, Google Maps API for geolocation, and Wordpress for company news.
milkmakers - blog, facebook, twitter, ecommerce, video   milkmakers - Seattle, WA
This site promotes the milkmakers product, advocacy, and brand by tying together many technologies - ecommerce, blog, facebook, twitter & video. Work includes cart integration and conversion to Wordpress as a CMS.

"Aliki continues to impress me with her efficiency, ideas, creativity and problem solving.  Aliki understands the vision and personality of my brand and takes that into consideration with all that she does.  Her standards are high and her attention to detail really shows. She is a joy to work with!  Aliki came highly recommended and now I highly recommend her to others. "
Julie Warburton - Wordpress, online portfolio   Julie Warburton Design - Newport, RI
Julie Warburton has a high end interior design business and consistently was asked for a website to show her portfolio. She requested a sleek and clean design that would allow her to update her own portfolios. I worked with her on choosing the best photographs and arrangement to portray her business and created a Wordpress custom template that allows her to make updates.

Biosal Laboratory - logo design and content organization   Baby Pictures Prenatal Video Ultrasound - Bellevue, WA
Melissa had a website that was no longer getting great response and needed an update which included extensive work on the flow and text.

"I was nervous about a redesign but Aliki took her knowledge of design and came up with something that I think is beautiful, informative, and at the same time professional. She goes above and beyond what I expected."

Update after two days with the new site up: "My phones have been ringing non stop! I'm so impressed with what a difference this makes."
Opal Food+Body Wisdom - Wordpress custom site, integrate blog, training registration   Opal Food+Body Wisdom - Seattle, WA
The women of Opal were ready to open the doors of their new clinic for eating disorders. They came to me with a design from their graphic designer which I translated into a custom Wordpress site which incorporated a blog into the site design. They have a calendar of events and ability to register online for training.

Bucket Regattas - Navigational Logic   Crave Health - Seattle, WA
Ashley Besecker of Crave Health was interested in giving her nutrition practice a web presence. She wanted the website to rely heavily on photographs to convey her message. (NOTE: This link is to a cached version of site.)

Bucket Regattas - Navigational Logic   Live Love Flow Yoga - Seattle, WA
Live Love Flow Yoga wanted a complete redesign of their site as they were opening a new location and were changing the brand of their business. They wanted to be able to have a blog seamlessly incorporated into the site and to be able to update class schedules and information themselves. I created a custom Wordpress solution that met all of their requirements.
Bucket Regattas - Navigational Logic   Bucket Regattas - St Barths & Newport, RI
The Bucket Regattas Yacht race needed to have one website which represented two races in different locales as well as two separate tiers of sponsors. This site required logical navigation to clearly separate the two races while also conveying common information in a consistent style. The site was designed to showcase over 20 different sponsor logos on each page and visually delineate the various sponsor levels. (NOTE: This link is to a cached version of site.)

Andrea Hansen Photography - javascript for portfolio   Andrea Hansen Photography - Newport, RI
Andrea had very specific ideas of what she wanted for her site. A simple sketch and some magazine cut outs were translated into a website which highlighted her approach to wedding photojournalism.

"From the initial design aspects to the final touches, Aliki devoted full attention to my requests and ideas. I am thrilled with the look and feel of my site and owe it all to her commitment and diligent work ethics. I have booked more weddings than ever before and am competing professionally with other wedding photographers. I'm amazed at what a difference the site has made."
Omma Yoga - eccommerce site   Cousins Baby Couture - San Clemente, CA
Cousins wanted a professional looking, fully integrated shopping cart for their ecommerce site. The site included creation of product pages and full customization and integration of their shopping cart of choice. (NOTE: This link is to a cached version of site, so the shopping cart will not work.)

"Aliki's talents are truly amazing. She not only possess the technical ability to create websites and shopping carts, but the artistic eye and ability to take ideas and transform them into something fabulous. She's efficient, friendly, and a pleasure to work with. We couldn't be more pleased."
Jocelyn Jaye Designs   Jocelyn Jaye Designs - Seattle, WA
Jocelyn decided it was time to create a web presence to showcase her exceptional custom stationery business. Work on the site included extensive editing to the photos of her work to establish a consistent look and a slide show of her portfolio using javascript as well as business cards and mailing postcards. (NOTE: This link is to a cached version of site.)

"Aliki is a dream to work with! Her dedication, response time, professionalism and web design skills are second to none. I was extremely impressed with the whole process and couldn't be happier with the end result."
Andrea Hansen Photography - javascript for portfolio   Consider the Cook - Bedford, NY
Consider the Cook was a well established gourmet kitchen store that had been in business for 30 years, but lacked a web presence. This clean and simple website gives a taste of the unique and elegant kitchen products which the store offers. Even the simplest web presence can make a huge difference! (NOTE: This link is to a cached version of site.)

"Aliki was helpful and knowledgeable on how to best get my site the necessary exposure on the web. She listened to my ideas and incorporated them into the exact images I had in mind. Her design skills are exemplary. She was always accessible and addressed any concerns in a timely fashion."
Chris Karges Photography - photo slide show   Chris Karges Photography - Seattle, WA
Chris Karges wanted a streamlined website that was clean and simple which highlighted his range of talent as a photographer and showcased his portfolio. The site includes a simple flash animation on the opening page as well as a slide show of the photographs using javascript.
(NOTE: This link is to a cached version of site.)

"It is refreshing to work with someone who possesses not only the technical know how, but a great design sense as well!"