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  we are cousins. we are sisters. we are moms (well two of us anyway). we love babies and all of the small, cuddly, and adorable accessories associated with them. we love bold colors and anything just left of traditional. who says babies have to be boring?

cousins began in a dining room in the summer of 2004. when the only baby gifts we found worthy enough for our friends and family were the ones we had made ourselves, we knew we had discovered our niche. we each pulled out a sewing machine and the rest, as they say, is history.

we live and work in sunny southern california where babies must be as stylish as their moms. we share a love for fashion and design and an even bigger love for our close family relationship.

cousins combines high quality fabrics, unique design, and blankie-soft comfort to deliver a line of accessories and clothing to make all babies happy. we know what we love and we know what our babies love. we are serious about what we do and we put special thought into every design. we believe babies should be happy, snuggly, and strikingly hip and couture. enjoy!

mimi, sarah and stacey
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